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Tuesday, April 2

8:00am EDT

Workshop: Agile Behavior-Based Personas for Better Designs (Additional Ticket Required)
Great design begins with deep understanding and empathy for people’s lived experiences. It requires an ability to put yourself in the shoes of the people who will interact with the solutions you create.
People are complex — and unpredictable. Their behavior may be driven by specific personality traits, but it’s also shaped by external stressors and situations.
Designers have long used personas to construct “user profiles” to inform their work. However, we’ve observed a few problems with the way personas are created. In some cases, the process is a time, labor, and resource-intensive endeavor. In others, it’s a quick, off-the-cuff jam session that results in stereotyped caricatures based on designers’ personal beliefs, biases, and assumptions. And both of these approaches can lead to static personas that aren’t flexible enough to be used for future design work.
In this workshop you’ll get hands-on experience in creating personas that are project-specific, contextual to a person’s life situation, and based primarily on behavior attributes. You’ll hear our rationale for bringing diverse groups of stakeholders and designers together to create personas collaboratively. And, you’ll have an opportunity to try the MPACT methodology for yourself.
Key takeaways:
  • Why you can’t create optimal design strategies without understanding your audience
  • Why behavior-based personas can be more effective for creating design strategies than demographic-based personas
  • How to use the MPACT methodology to develop agile, behavior-based personas
  • How to mine behavior attributes from your research
  • Plus, access to an MPACT “starter kit” so you can apply this framework in your work
  Note: If you can’t join us at HXD, but would like to learn more about Mad*Pow’s persona-building methodology, you can watch our recent webinar. We also have information about MPACT on our website.

avatar for Priyama Barua

Priyama Barua

Experience Strategy Director, Mad*Pow
Priyama came to Mad*Pow after obtaining her masters in Design Management from the University of Bridgeport, and her undergrad in Mumbai, India. As if that’s not enough, she even founded her own company, Matchstix, in India which provided research and strategy work to clients.Priyama... Read More →
avatar for Dana Ortegon

Dana Ortegon

Senior Content Strategist, Mad*Pow
Dana Ortegón is a Senior Content Strategist at Mad*Pow. Plain language/readability and health & financial literacy are Dana’s not-so-secret passions. She also loves helping clients figure out the what’s, why’s, when’s, and how’s that ensure the best possible content experience... Read More →

Tuesday April 2, 2019 8:00am - 12:00pm EDT
Room 2 40 Edwin H Land Boulevard, Cambridge, MA, USA

8:00am EDT

Workshop: Designing and Measuring Engagement in Behavior Change Interventions (Additional Ticket Required)
Engagement is a prerequisite to any successful behavior change intervention, but engagement alone doesn't guarantee a beneficial outcome. If we want to improve outcomes by improving engagement, we need a clear understanding of what characterizes meaningful engagement, how to design for it, and how to measure it. Despite designers' every effort to convince, entice, seduce, trigger, or hook users into interacting with digital technologies, engagement with digital interventions is typically low. In this half-day workshop, we'll cover relevant theories and empirical findings from the engagement literature, introduce a multi-disciplinary model of engagement, and end by taking a deep dive into features and techniques for promoting effective engagement in practice.Learning Objectives:In this workshop, participants will:
1. Develop an understanding of the behavioral and experiential components that make up engagement.
2. Learn what design features and behavior change techniques are most conducive to engagement and how to apply these to your interventions.
3. Explore how to best tailor content, features, interactions & behavior change techniques to fit individual users and their specific needs and contexts.
4. Assess different methods for how to measure engagement.
5. Think critically about simply promoting engagement for engagement’s sake and instead considering how to establish “effective engagement” or just enough engagement with your intervention or service to achieve desired outcomes.

avatar for Dustin DiTommaso

Dustin DiTommaso

SVP, Behavior Change Design, Mad*Pow
Dustin is Senior Vice President of Behavior Change Design at Mad*Pow. A designer and researcher, Dustin’s work involves the study and application of behavioral and decision science, motivational psychology, and human-computer interaction to the design of technology-assisted behavior... Read More →
avatar for Aidan Hudson-Lapore

Aidan Hudson-Lapore

Behavior Change Designer, Mad*Pow
Aidan comes to Mad*Pow with a background in Cognitive Science and Industrial Design–a result of the Brown RISD Dual-Degree program. Aidan fits right in with our Behavior Change group because she is passionate about using science and design to deliver positive social impact. She... Read More →

Tuesday April 2, 2019 8:00am - 12:00pm EDT
Room 1 40 Edwin H Land Boulevard, Cambridge, MA, USA

8:00am EDT

Workshop: Participatory Design (Additional Ticket Required)
As organizations embrace design-led innovation, they can struggle to reap the full value of human-centered design. A design team’s interactions with customers may often be limited to only the early research and late evaluation phases of the design process, while the work in between – when ideas are being generated – is left to the internal team alone. When this is the case, we miss the opportunity to discover some of the most valuable and customer-centered solutions. Cue participatory design. Participatory design is an approach to design strategy that brings customers into the heart of the design process. Also known as “co-creation”, “co-design”, or “cooperative design”. It encompasses techniques useful to both initial discovery and subsequent ideation phases of a project, where the end-users of a product, service, or experience take an active role in co-designing solutions for themselves. Understanding how someone would solve a challenge they face directly often surfaces new insights about their experiences. This new information better informs how designers focus their efforts, and the ideas users propose serve as actionable inspiration for the solutions created. Whether designing for consumers, employees, service providers, or other audiences, when we move past the challenge of designing for them and begin designing with them, we find the outcomes are more innovative and customer-centered.In this workshop, we'll answer:

• What is Participatory Design? Why should you or your organization be thinking about it?
• How can you use participatory design or co-design methods in your practice?
• How do you choose what method to use, and when?
• What does it look like?
• How do you apply the outputs of these methods to gain value?

avatar for Jen Briselli

Jen Briselli

VP, Experience Strategy, Mad*Pow
As VP, Experience Strategy & Service Design at Mad*Pow, Jen Briselli leverages experience strategy and design thinking to create innovative experiences and compelling digital solutions that are good for people and good for business. She has an insatiable curiosity and passion for... Read More →

Tuesday April 2, 2019 8:00am - 12:00pm EDT
Room 1 40 Edwin H Land Boulevard, Cambridge, MA, USA

8:00am EDT

Workshop: UX Research Quick Start Guide Workshop (Additional Ticket Required)
The only way you will truly learn about your users, members, patients, or customers is by talking and interacting with them.
The greatest innovations are the ones that seem to fit seamlessly into people's lives, meeting their needs, adding value, and making things easier. Coming up with new ideas for products and services is easy, but designing ones that fit in this way is trickier.
To truly understand and empathize with your audiences, you need to take the time to really learn about them – not just what they do, but why they do it. Through targeted experience research, you can inform the design and decision making that goes into your creations with user-focused data.
And the great thing about user experience research is that anyone can do it!
Experience research helps to uncover users’ unmet needs by:
  • Asking the right questions of users at the right time in the design lifecycle
  • Learning not only if a product is intuitive and usable, but also if it would be useful to potential users
  • Triangulating on unmet needs through the use of different research methods

Conducting experience research & getting users’ input early in the design process can save costs of having to redesign later when the design does not align with user's expectations. Through qualitative interrogatory, experience research aims to learn about users’ core behaviors so that designers can anticipate users’ need and create an intuitive and useful product or service.

 In this workshop you will learn...
  • Best practices for clarifying your research goals to make sure that you focus on the right problems
  • Several methods for initial information gathering, including: ethnography, interviews, diary studies, collaging, and focus groups
  • How to navigate the different types of UX research available and choose the right one(s) for your project
  • Facilitate meaningful sessions, build rapport, instill trust, and stay neutral and accepting while conducting research and collecting useful data
  • How to capture and analyze qualitative data in an efficient and effective manner

avatar for Dan Berlin

Dan Berlin

VP, Experience Research, Mad*Pow
Resident foodie and ... gulp ... Frank Zappa fan, Dan leads Mad*Pow's research team where we perform both traditional and novel user experience research techniques. All our client engagements are varied; Dan helps determine which research activities are the most appropriate, will... Read More →

Tuesday April 2, 2019 8:00am - 12:00pm EDT
Room 2 40 Edwin H Land Boulevard, Cambridge, MA, USA

11:30am EDT

Medstartr Pitch Contest (Admission Included with Conference Ticket)
MedMo World Tour: HXD Innovation Pitchfest

MedStartr Ventures, Mad*POW, Amazon, PwC and a dozen other sponsors are looking for the best new ideas to drive medicine forward faster in ways that patients, doctors, nurses, hospital leaders, and industry partners love.  We invite all health and medical innovators to apply to get on the main stage at HxD in front of hundreds of healthcare leaders and thousands more online.  Winners will be judged by a crowd of experts, investors, and potential large partners and be considered for investment by the MedStartr.VC team.  Don't delay, apply today at bit.ly/MedMoWT

What you win: 

All Applicants will be reviewed by a panel of Investors, Partners, and people who can help your idea get found and funded faster and discounts on Tickets or Tables to the HxD conference

All Finalists will be judged in front of a crowd of up to 2,000 healthcare innovation enthusiasts, customers, partners and leaders; free access to the conference; and a table in the exhibit hall in the HxD MedMo Innovation Showcase

Top Three Teams will be reviewed for inclusion in the MedStartr Ventures Investment and Acceleration program that invests up to 2 million dollars per team and accelerates companies for up to three years.  So far all MedStartr Ventures teams have grown on average over 3 fold per year since entering the program.

Who Should Apply
Early Stage Healthcare innovations (Pre Series A) that provide patients, providers, payers, partners, and clinical organizations better ways to give and get care utilizing great human-centered design principles.

Apply today at bit.ly/MedMoWT

avatar for Amy Heymans

Amy Heymans

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow

Tuesday April 2, 2019 11:30am - 12:30pm EDT
Main Ballroom 40 Edwin H Land Boulevard, Cambridge, MA, USA

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