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Dr. Bryce Rutter,

Metaphase Design Group Inc.
Founder and CEO
Dr. Bryce Rutter, Founder and CEO of Metaphase Design Group Inc., is a leading expert in the research, ergonomics and design of medical products and worldwide specialist in hand-intensive products and packaging. His work includes collaborations with numerous global prestigious brands and high-profile start-ups on products ranging from robotic surgical systems, powered and manual instrument design, and drug delivery systems to disposables, mobile and wearable devices to personal care products, IFUs, and usability and contextual inquiry research programs. Metaphase delivers innovative designs that redefine industry standards, invigorate sleepy brands and create new product categories. Under Dr. Rutter’s leadership, Metaphase has received more than 120 international design excellence awards and 117 patents. Dr. Rutter holds degrees in industrial design and PhD in kinesiology, specializing in hand function.

To view Metaphase’s portfolio of medical Instruments, devices, surgical systems, drug delivery and disposables, visit http://www.metaphase.com/portfolio/medical/.

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